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Kids School Projects – English – Homophones

What are Homophones?

Homophones are the two or more different words with same pronunciation with different meanings.

Examples of homophones:


Below is the list of homophones and above is the five sets of homophones done for a school project

  • one-won
  • see-sea
  • meat-meet
  • ear-year
  • write-right
  • weather-whether
  • two-to
  • here-hear
  • ways-vase
  • cot-caught
  • sun-son
  • hole-whole
  • six-sikhs
  • week-weak
  • blue-blew
  • sell-cell
  • no-know
  • hour-our
  • ad-add
  • ate-eight
  • die-dye
  • by-buy
  • none-nun
  • peace-piece
  • sum-some
  • wait-weight
  • break-brake
  • flour-flower
  • steel-steal

Hope you got the list of easy homophones with known meaning. Comment if you know more homophones and we will add them to the list.




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