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How to make easy handmade Jhumkas? Quilling Jhumkas, Silk Thread Jhumkas and Polka Dots Jhumkas

In this video, you can watch how to make easy handmade jhumkas like quilling jhumkas, silk thread jhumkas and polka dots jhumkas.

So see this video and do it yourself easy jhumkas for yourself and others.

How to make Silk Thread Jhumkas with Studs

Check here how to make silk thread Jhumkas easily. Check our site for new tutorials for making silk thread jewellery at home.

Materials required for making silk thread jhumkas:

Video Courtesy by Quilling Earrings
Silk Thread Jhumkas making Method:

First take silk thread and make 25 strands with it. Glue the strands at one end and cut at the joint. Now take a jhumka base and attach the end of glued silk thread strands from inside of the jhumka base. Glue the other ends of the strands of silk thread and neatly wrap the jhumka base. See that all the rigid and no loose strands are left behind. Now wrapped jhumka base is ready.

How to make a stud?

Take a canvas sheet and cut it in the form of a square. At the centre of the cut canvas cloth apply glue. Put a gold colour bead and apply glue around it to paste a ball chain. Allow it to dry. Cut the extra ball chain and add another layer of big size ball chain and now paste pearl chain around the ball chain. Allow the stud to dry. Now cut the extra sheet from the stud.

Silk Thread Jhumkas
Silk Thread Jhumkas

Cut a round canvas cloth same as the size of the stud and pierce a stud base at its centre. Now attach the stud base to the back of the prepared stud.

Now take wrapped jhumka base and apply glue on its edge as a line and attach the pearl chain. Stick it firmly by gently pushing the pearl chain with your fingers. Apply glue on the top of jhumka base and stick a bead cap.

Now take an eye pin and put a bead in it. Insert it into the jhumka base from down, on top of it also place a bead and turn the end to inside.Now a round is seen where you can put the stud. Put a stopper and now your jhumkas are ready.