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How to make pendant with framed kundans

Let us see how to make a pendant with kundan stones (framed Kundans) in this post. Or buy this pendant @ Rs 50 if you don’t have time to make it.

Materials required to make a kundan pendant:

  • Square framed kundans – 8mm
  • Thilak shape kundans – 8mm
  • Canvas Sheet
  • Gold colour/gold nail polish
  • Drop shape pearl hanging
  • Fevicryl
  • Cutter
  • Plier
  • Eye Pins

Material required for kundan pendant

Step 1.

Take a canvas sheet and apply gold paint/nail polish on the canvas sheet using a paint brush or an ear bud. Allow it to dry.

Step 2.

Put square shape kundans in a row on the dried gold colour canvas sheet.

Next add another row of square kundans in between the top 2 kundans. It comes as 6 kundans in top row, 5 kundans in next row and finally to single kundan. Start from the top and add thilak shape kundans as shown in the picture below, only the centre thilak shape kundan points top wards.

Cut the canvas sheet from the remaining sheet as per the pendant shape. I used diy cutter to cut in between kundans.

Allow them to dry or they will fell off the canvas sheet. Glue them well.

After it dries, turn it to other side and take a pearl hanging and attach it to an eye pin and keep at the downside of the pendant. Put two eyepins on the top at two gaps between kundans . Apply glue on the back side and put another canvas sheet to cover the eye pins and to secure them well. You can add two canvas sheets for strength and hardness of the pendant.

After that you can apply gold paint on the back side as well for neat finish.

Finally attach the well dried pendant to any chain and is ready to wear. I attached a ready made chain to the pendant and it looks like this.

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