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DIY Desk Organizer

DIY Desk Organizer

Check out how to make desk organiser yourself with cardboard at home.

DIY Pop – up Heart Card

Check out how to make pop-up heart card. DIY pop-up heart card

How to make paper butterfly? DIY Butterfly

Check out the below video to make paper butterfly or DIY Butterfly.

Learn how to make DIY Halloween Desk Decor.

DIY Halloween Desk Decor | Halloween DIY Decor

Learn how to make DIY Halloween Desk Decor.

Amazing ways to make desk organiser on your own – Creative desk organiser ideas.

Check out the creative ways of making a desk organiser at home in simple steps. Follow the video to make your own desk organiser and feel proud.

These desk organizers are incredibly cute and creative! All you need is some colour papers and glue! Let’s have some fun! 😉

Try your desk organiser and comment below your output and happy crafting.

Check out 5 easy DIY Umbrellas

Check out 5 easy DIY Umbrellas in this post.

DIY Umbrella (21frames – Art All The Way (Lifestyle & Fashion)

DIY : Learn how to make paper basket

Check out how to make DIY paper basket in the below video.

DIY Paper Basket

How to make easy crystal beads earrings, Jewellery holder and more

Check out how to make popsicle sticks jewellery holder, crystal beads earrings, wire wrapped crystal earrings and crystal bead earrings in this post with detailed description.

DIY: popsicle Sticks Jewellery Holder

crystal beads earrings

It would be a lie if one said they don’t have several boxes full of jewellery lying around their house. It would be a bigger lie if they said they don’t wish to buy more. But, buying a pair of earring every other week sure isn’t easy on our wallets. So, why not make life that bit more easier by making a few special earrings for yourself? Here is a simple tutorial for you to make pretty crystal earrings yourself!

DIY Crystal bead earrings

Check out the materials required to make crystal bead earrings:

  • Copper wire
  • Beads
  • Plier
  • Scissor
  • Hook

Preparation method to make crystal bead earrings: 
1. Take a copper wire.
2. Insert three beads into the wire. (If you wish to, you can add more beads.)
3. Join both the ends of the wire and twist them together.
4. Create a loop using one of the wire ends.
5. Insert a hook through the loop.
6. Cut off the excess wire and twist the remaining wire tightly to hold it in place.
7. Voila! Your pair of crystal beads earrings is ready to be worn!

DIY Wire wrapped Crystal earrings

Check out the materials required to make wrapped Crystal earrings

  • Plain rings
  • Wire
  • Crystal beads

Preparation method to make wrapped Crystal earrings

1. Take a plain ring.
2. Start wrapping the wire around the ring.
3. After a few loops, insert a bead through the wire.
4. Loop twice more before inserting the next bead, this time on the other side.
5. Repeat this, inserting each bead in alternate sides.
6. After every three beads, push the beads together so they are clustered together as shown in the video.
7. At the end, twist the wire a few times to hold it in place and cut off the excess wire.
8. Repeat the same on another ring to create a pair.
9. Voila! Your pair of wire wrapped crystal earrings is ready to be worn!

DIY Crystal bead earrings

Check out the materials required to make crystal bead earrings:

  • Wire
  • Hooks
  • Crystal beads
  • Round nose Plier
  • Nose Plier
  • Cutting Plier

Preparation method to make crystal bead earrings: 
1. Take a piece of wire.
2. Insert a crystal bead in it.
3. Bend the wire, forming a loop.
4. Holding on to the wires using a nose plier, and using another nose plier, twist one end of the wire around the other.
5. Using a cutting plier, cut off the excess of the twisted wire.
6. Using a round nose plier, carefully bend the other end of the wire downwards and cut off the excess as shown.
7. Insert a hook inside the wire and using the plier, tighten the wire, forming a small circular loop.
8. Make another one of the same shape and size.
9. Voila! Your pair of crystal beads earrings is ready to be worn!


How to make easy handmade Jhumkas? Quilling Jhumkas, Silk Thread Jhumkas and Polka Dots Jhumkas

In this video, you can watch how to make easy handmade jhumkas like quilling jhumkas, silk thread jhumkas and polka dots jhumkas.

So see this video and do it yourself easy jhumkas for yourself and others.

How to make DIY bangles, Spoon Candle Holder and Cupcake Liner Flower?

In this post we will show the best art DIYs in 2017. You can check the video and procedure in this post. This is first part of the video and we will tell you three DIY’s in this post of making bangles, candle holder and cupcake liner flower.

First let us check how to make DIY Embellished Bangles:

Materials required to make embellished DIY Bangles:

  • Bangles
  • Embroidery thread
  • Stone chain
  • Fevi-kwik

Method of making Embellished bangles:

1. Take a plain bangle, and using some fevi-kwik, stick some embroidery thread or silk thread on the inner edge of the bangle.
2. Stick the stone chain carefully on the outer edge of the bangle.
3. Now, insert the embroidery thread in between each stone and twist along the bangle all the way until the thread covers the entire bangle and are secure. Make 2 to 3 twists between each stone.
4. Secure the final thread and stones by sticking it in place using fevi-kwik.
5. And now your bangles are ready to adorn your hands.

DIYs Art All the Way
DIYs Art All the Way (Image Courtesy: Art All The Way/Ventuno)

How to make DIY Spoon Candle Holder?

Materials required to make DIY spoon candle holder:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Drinking Glass (made of glass)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Golden spray paint
  • Candle

Method of making spoon candle holder:

1. First, cut the spoon’s hand.
2. Start sticking the spoons’ head on glass one after one, starting from the top.
3. Spray golden spray paint on the spoons and inside the glass too.
4. Let it dry completely.
5. Light up a candle and keep it inside the spoon candle holder.

How to make DIY Cupcake Liner Flower?

Materials required to make DIY Cupcake Liner Flower:

  • Cupcake liners
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Crepe paper

Method of making Cupcake Liner Flower:

1. Fold the cupcake liner in half.
2. Fold twice again.
3. Cut a curve along the top as shown.
4. Repeat the same with several liners.
5. Apply some hot glue on the center of a liner and paste another liner on it.
6. Repeat until all the liners are stuck one over the other.
7. Take a green coloured crepe paper and fold it into one-eights.
8. Cut a curve as shown and unfold.
9. Paste this under the cupcake liners.
10. Bundle up each layer of cupcake liner as shown.

How to make DIY Glass Bangles Candle Holder?

Materials required to make DIY Glass Bangles Candle Holder

  • Glass bangles
  • Fevi kwik
  • Stone chain
  • Candle

Method of making Glass Bangles Candle Holder

1. Take some glass bangles. You can use old bangles and uplift them.
2. Using some fevi-kwik or strong adhesive, stick them together one on top of the other.
3. Once a certain height is reached, stick a stone chain over the top.
4. Place a candle in the centre.

How to make DIY Pearl Bangles?

Materials required to make DIY Pearl Bangles:

  • Silk threads
  • Cardboard
  • Bangles (thick)
  • Needle
  • Pearl beads
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Method of making Pearl Bangles:

1. Take any coloured silk thread and wrap it around a paper or cardboard. Bunch the threads together and cut it as shown.
2. Apply glue on one end and spread it. Apply pearls and put it on wrapped bangles using needle. Secure them tightly and see the video for more detailed information for doing pearl bangles.