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Recent order dispatched Silk thread bangles, saree pins, tic tac clips

A customer wanted a sample of silk thread jewelry items before they want to place a bulk order for return gifts. So they ordered silk thread bangles, saree pins, and tic tac clips.

The order was completed the next day, packed, and kept within 3 hours. But there was a delay in pickup due to bad weather.

I am also dispatching many orders of raw materials but as I am focussing on my professional front, I am not getting time to post them here. Around 35-40 orders have been dispatched in 2023.

I restarted my career for a project in January, so focussing on that mainly. Whenever I am having time, I work on this business. That was a contract based and hoping to try for full-time as well. So as of now, I am working for office till May end, which may be extended depending on my luck.

And I am available almost all the time but won’t be able to take very very urgent orders.

Hoping for all the love and support from all of my beloved customers and friends.

January 1st week orders dispacthed

The third order of January was of ball chains and framed kundans and some other items.

Fourth order includes all plastic basis like different shapes of pendants, donut rings and saree pins.

Fifth order includes coloured framed kundans and flat bangles.

Flowers, tassels and earring bases order to Chennai

Paper flowers, foam flowers, chakri, tassels and plastic earring bases order is ready to ship to Chennai.

The order consists of various shapes of earring bases, paper flowers in various colours and foam flowers in different colours and thermocol balls, chakri etc.

This is the second order of 2023.

Maggam work hipbelt with laxmi pendant, loreals and ghungroos dispatched

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year 2023.

Maggam work hipbelt with laxmi pendant loreals and ghungroos has been dispatched. This order was received during Christmas vacation. But as I was out of station I have dispatched it on January 2nd. This is the first order dispatched in 2023.

Wrapped Chandablis, Kundan bangles dispatched to three different customers

Three pairs of kemp triangle kundan bangles have been dispatched to Chennai.

25 pairs of wrapped chandbalis and 15 pairs of Jhumka bases medium size have been dispatched to Coimbatore.

12 pairs of Triangle kemp kundan bangles have been dispatched to Amberpet Hyderabad.

Antique studs and pendants, loreals etc dispatched to local customer

Order is for antique gold and silver studs, pendants, loreals, beads etc

Jewellery making tools, cutter, plier etc were also ordered.

Look at the video of the order

Plastic bangles and other materials dispatched to Coimbatore

This is an order for plain bangles, threads, beads and few other items.

Have a look at the order for the items ordered

Silk thread dark blue and gold bangles dispatched to BHEL Hyderabad

Two pairs of silk thread gold bangles and 2 pairs of navy blue bangles have been done and dispatched to a local customer.

Have a look at the video

And below is the review of the bangles

Silk thread conical bangles and thin bangles dispatched to local customer

I got a call from a customer who want bangles in one day. She ordered previously from me.

I sent the link for silk thread bangles from the website. She chose designs and sent me the dress colour, required designs and bangle size.

The order was done by the end of the day, of course by mid night.

Here is the outcome of the order.

Here is the video of the order. Order for 2 dozens of thin bangles and 2 pairs of silk thread conical bangles.

Plastic bangles, ball chain,stone sheet and beads order local

Order from a local regular customer

Order has been received for plastic bangle bases of size 2’8 for 10mm, 12 cut thin and 20mm in addition to gold ball chain, small gold beads and stone sheet 3 lines.

5 pairs of 10mm bangles, 2 20mm bangles and 2 sets of 12 cut bangles of size 2’8.

6 meters of gold ball chain, 3 lines of stone sheet and 20 grams of gold beads packed.

Customer added few more items like star chakri, silk threads, bangles etc