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Jhumka base sizes – inner diameter and height

Jhumka bases are available in 6 sizes. Below is the different jhumka base sizes with their inner diameter and height.

They are used in making earrings like silk thread earrings and even plain or by painting with acrylic colours on it as per the taste and design.

jhumka mould
jhumka base sizes
  • XS – Inner diameter is 1.5 cm and height 1cm
  • Small – Inner diameter is 2 cm and height 1cm
  • Medium – Inner diameter is 2.2 cm and height 1.3 cm
  • Large – Inner diameter is 2.5 cm and height 1.5 cm
  • XL – Inner diameter is 2.7 cm and height 1.6 cm
  • XXL – Inner diameter is 3.2 cm and height 2 cm

These are the inner diameter and sizes of the jhumka bases. Hope this post is useful.

Cone jhumka base
Jhumka base triangle

Jhumka bases are available in other shapes, design and sizes as well.

These are the different dome shape earring bases that are available.