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Plastic bangles order from first time customer

I received order for plastic bangles from a first time customer. When i checked boxes even though the box is of 2’6 from supplier few types of bangles are of less size mainly for conical bangles and flat 20mm bangles so checked if next size fits to the required size and packed them.

She ordered previously one week back but did not finish the payment and didn’t reply me for my messages. May be she was worried to place order as this is the first time she is placing order on my website.

She placed order again and completed payment successfully. I packed all her required materials and scheduled pickup and packed the order.

Took a picture and base bangles video and uploaded in my channel.

This is her order details

  • Conical or triangle edge bangles 2’6 size
  • Plastic Bangles 2’6 Size – 2 cut bangles or 10 mm bangles
  • Plastic Bangles 2’8 size – 1 cut bangle bases
  • Plain Bangles – 2’6 size – 6 cut bangles or 3 mm bangles
  • Plastic bangles set of 12 thin bangles-2’6 size
  • Plastic Bangles – 2’6 – 20mm flat bangles